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Nceno v0.1a (Alpha)

Our alpha is live! Set a goal, stake some cash, and workout for a payout.

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Interactive Prototype

Our alpha is functional, but ugly. Check out what the official realease will feel like by playing with the Nceno v1.0 interactive prototype. Note that it is for display purposes only; it is not functional.

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The Nceno Team

The team behind Nceno is a group of diverse and experienced men and women who share a passion for wellness, IoT, and blockchain.

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Set a goal, stake some cash, workout for a payout.

Nceno lets you put a security deposit on your goal so that achieving it becomes a priority, not a daydream. Skip a workout, and it's gonna cost you. As you progress, you earn a little back each time, plus extra from the people who skipped their workouts. Likewise, your lost stake is used to reward the people who progressed.

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Trustless group challenges from anywhere.

Anyone in the world can see your goal and join you with money of their own. Verification is acheived by the sensors you already have in your phone or wearable. Now, when anyone in your group skips a workout, the rest get to split their loss as reward! Nceno makes your workouts work for you.

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Powered by Ethereum.

Using the Ethereum blockchain allows us to reach people where banks and credit cards sometimes can't... and probably never will. It also keeps personal health data and financial data separate and private (as they should be).

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